The route for The Tall Ships Races 2014

Harlingen (NL), Fredrikstad (N), Bergen (N) and Esbjerg (DK) are the four official Host Ports for The Tall Ships Races 2014, and they will all do their very best to make a remarkable happening in each city! The four harbours are not sharing responsibilities for each event, but are cooperating well and are frequently exchanging experiences with each other.


Official host ports for The Tall Ships Races 2014


(NL) 03.07 – 06.07
Harlingen in the Netherlands is the first port in this year’s race. The city has a long shipping tradition and the port is one of the oldest in the country. The leg continues from Harlingen to Fredrikstad.
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(N) 12.07 – 15.07 Fredrikstad is the second port in this year’s race. Fredrikstad is a proud maritime town that has also hosted The Tall Ships Races in 2005. The ships will arrive the 12th of june and the visitors will be able to follow their way into the pier. There will be an awards ceremony for the first leg of the race, a celebration of the aniversary of the Norwegian Contitution and many other exciting activities for four days, until the ships get ready before setting course towards Bergen. The sail from Fredrikstad tol Bergen is not a race but the so-called “Cruise in Company” leg. This means that the ships can sail freely along the norwegian coast and visit selected ports on their way to Bergen.Visit Fredrikstad’s homepage


(N) 24.07 – 27.07
Bergen is the third port in this year’s race.
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(DK) 02.08 – 05.08
Esbjerg in Denmark is the last stop and will provide a fitting closing ceremony for this year’s race. Esbjerg has also been a host of several Tall Ships Races in the past, and the city is well known for it’s proud maritime traditions.
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